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Finding Yourself a Perfect Soup? Sotanghon Soup Is Your Answer

Even during the hottest part of the summer, soups are a year-round option. Forget about sweating profusely at that. Out of which, golden fork's chicken sotanghon soup is a must-have dish on your bucket list.

What Differentiates It from Others?

Mung bean thread is used to make sotanghon noodles. Sotanghon noodles and shreds of chicken are used in this sotanghon soup. Cabbage and carrots are also included. It is distinguished by adding roasted garlic, scallions, and fish sauce spice.

The best comfort dish for chilly times is chicken sotanghon soup! This warming Filipino soup is filled with savoury chicken, cellophane noodles, and vegetables.

Earthy Ingredients for Chicken Mushroom Vegetable Soup

What's unique is that a dish becomes a complete meal when you add more meat, seafood, veggies, and rice or noodles. Just like in this chicken sotanghon, several colourful vegetables and a variety of spices and mushrooms are combined with chicken and sotanghon to make the best mushroom sotanghon soup you would ever have. Our chefs at the golden fork have their best interest in serving you the best sotanghon soup.

The quality of the stock determines whether this amazing simple Filipino chicken-noodle soup succeeds or fails; by simmering the chicken in chicken stock (homemade, preferably!), you have a doubly-rich liquid with plenty of flavour and body in your chicken mushroom vegetables soup.

So why wait? Try this fantastic chicken mushroom vegetable soup at yours truly, the golden fork, and have a great meal.


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