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Relish Delectable Seafood at Golden Fork Restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai

For all the food lovers, a restaurant is not just a place to eat food. It is an experience that stays in their memory forever. If you also take your food quite seriously, you might look for amazing places to dine-in in Dubai city. Looking for a premium place to enjoy delicious food, Golden Fork Restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai is a must-visit for you. We not only offer delicious food but also happen to be a healthy food restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai.

Our extensive and huge menu has a wide array of choices that are healthy as well. Isn’t it amazing to enjoy your meals that are lip-smacking as well as healthy! We are a premier multi-cuisine seafood restaurant that offers a wide variety of seafood options that will spoil you for choices. Our extensive menu offers something for everyone and makes it a complete family restaurant where you can dine with your loved ones.

Our dedicated team of chefs keeps on researching and experimenting, which helps them come up with amazing recipes that we keep on adding to our menu. We have more than 300 dishes on our menu that will make you keep coming for more.

Authentic Seafood Restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai

If you love to relish a mouth-watering variety of seafood, Golden Fork offers some amazing recipes. In fact, for seafood in trade centre Dubai, our restaurant is a popular place. You can delight your taste buds with our delicious seafood. Our dishes are succulent and full of flavours.

Just a bite is enough for enjoying the authentic flavours. You can find salads, fried fish, salmon teriyaki, steaks, tikka, grilled crabs, soups, and much more at our restaurant. We are also one of the most loved shrimps restaurants in Trade Centre Dubai among locals and travellers.

You might have tried seafood at various places, but we can bet you that you would hardly find any restaurant that offers as many varieties and options as we offer.

Arabic Food Restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai

Arabic food is loved by everyone owing to the unique preparations and flavours. People across the globe love to try Arabic food to get a taste of Arabic culture; the spices and flavours of here.

If you wish to try some barbeque in Trade Centre Dubai, Golden Fork is here with some amazing recipes for you. You will definitely love our barbeque marinated in the choice of sauces. Our unique recipes make our food items delicious and one-of-its-own kind.

We are also well- known kebab restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai. Kebabs are loved by one and all. We realize this love for kebabs and come up with a good variety to delight our guests.

Sumptuous Buffet Breakfast Restaurants in Trade Centre Dubai

There is nothing like having a wholesome breakfast to kick start your day. You should never underestimate the wonders that a great breakfast spread can do. It sets your mood for the day and gives a fresh and satisfying start to your day. We offer a sumptuous breakfast buffet to our guests that consist of a range of delectable food from soups to salads and seafood to meat.

We also have BBQ and grilled varieties that you can enjoy from the buffet. Golden Fork is also known as the top BBQ restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai. Our BBQ dishes are a blend of delicious spices, sauces, and the right cooking technique, which offers the recipes a unique taste.

Golden Fork not only offers delicious food, but we also happen to be a restaurant for healthy food in Trade Centre Dubai. Who said healthy couldn’t be tasty? Visit our seafood restaurant in Trade Centre Dubai to enjoy our healthy yet flavourful food.


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